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On July 31st, I will be running the Half Marathon of Rotterdam. A real personal challenge and an opportunity at the same time, which I would like to use to highlight the importance of research and the development of treatments for braintumors.

In the Netherlands only, about 2000 patients are diagnosed with a braintumor on a yearly basis. But while the malign type of these tumors is one of the most aggressive cancertypes for children and people under 40, its treatment is heavily underfunded. I would therefore kindly like to ask you that if you wish to support me during the race (and you cannot make it to Rotterdam :-) ), I would be grateful for a small donation to push this specific type of research. 

I will be running the marathon with my dad and my friend Isabel, and I cannot wait to pass that finish line! As the Rotterdam expression goes: 'Sterker door strijd' ('Stronger through struggle')

Thank you in advance for your support,

Love Anne

P.s. For more information on braintumors and research thereon, please visit

The donations made through this website are going directly and for 100% to the Dutch CancerPreventionCentre. 


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Veel succes Anne!! Go for it!!
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Succes Anne!!

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